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It’s Like A 1000 HP Engine For Your Testosterone.*

Predator Test

Predator Test™ not only‑‑turns on your testosterone engine, it SUPER CHARGES IT!  

How you ask?

First, we source the highest-potency botanical extracts we can find; this is key as low potency herbals will not work.

Second, we select those ingredients that work together synergistically.

Third, we combine them in a mega-size dose for maximum benefits.                   

The result: Increased energy and strength, enhanced muscle performance, and healthy libido. Predator Test™ keeps things running smoothly by blocking and parrying estrogen and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and helps protect vital organs.†

What makes it tick?  Predator Test starts with a powerful combination of 3 testosterone boosting compounds specifically standardized for the correct sterol saponins shown to significantly raise Test levels. These are then combined with other powerful herbs to help support the anabolic process. Next, it optimizes your Nitric Oxide levels to help open your blood vessels to shuttle nutrients to the muscle cells for faster gains. 

While your Test levels are soaring, there is always the possibility of estrogen and other unwanted hormones increasing to levels that can affect your performance.  Predator Test has you covered as it contains key ingredients to help keep these unwanted muscle scavengers in check so you keep on growing.

Proper liver function is essential for maximum performance as this vital organ acts as your body’s filtration system.  Predator Test supports you liver function to so you’ll perform at your absolute best. 

It’s so effective, you’ll want to cycle it.*: Predator® Test works so well we recommend taking it for a maximum of 8 weeks followed by 4 weeks off.

Tell me more!

What’s more important -results or the number of capsules? Nobody wants to swallow a handful of capsules. We get it. But let’s be real: If you want to make “okay” testosterone great, you can’t water-down the active ingredients. In other words, a few milligrams of ingredients won’t suffice. Predator® Test is so amped up, it fills four “00” capsules with nearly 3 grams (that’s 3,000 milligrams) of actives. Remember, we want maximum horsepower.

The best offense is a great defense. A really good natural test booster doesn’t just raise your testosterone level (“offense”); it amplifies its effects by defending it against the things that can get in its way, like estrogen, cortisol and dihydrotestosterone, or DHT (“defense”). Predator® Test helps block and parry all three so that every drop of your testosterone can do more of what it’s good at.* Plus, you don’t have to wait forever to feel it working: Users can expect to maximize strength, fuller, denser muscles, greater motivation to train and more libido*. We guarantee it.

The healthy booster.* Reading the label of a natural test booster shouldn’t conjure up visions of it being made in a bathtub or harming your health. We use only authentic identity-tested, quality-assured botanicals in Predator® Test -no “unidentified brown powders” here. Even better, it contains ingredients that support kidney, liver and nitric oxide health so you can perform at your predatory best from the inside out.*

Anabolic recovery? (Yep, it’s a thing.) Even testosterone needs time to recover. Predator® Test helps your body’s testosterone-producing machinery refresh and prepare for another predatory surge of anabolism with herbal adaptogens and essential micronutrients like zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6.* Don’t be surprised if you sleep like a champ and wake up ready to pounce on prey the next day.




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