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Tired of “second-half” fade?

Predator® Pre-Workout




Tired of “second-half fade”? It happens every day in gyms across America: After taking your usual pre-workout formula, you lift like a rock star in the first half of your workout, then sink like a rock in the second half, as your energy, drive, power and pumps fade away. It can really limit your gains.

3-Hour POWER.* Unlike other products, Predator® Pre-Workout is designed to help you fly through the gym breaking personal bests for a full 3 hours without losing altitude. This is more than enough for even the most hardcore lifter.* Want to tear up the stepmill after the weights? Hit some abs or calves? A few more minutes of burpees? No problem. Predator® Pre-Workout helps you go the distance without losing your mental or muscular mojo.*

Stronger for longer, without the mega-dose of caffeine.* Our unique 3-Hour-Power formula keeps your mind and muscles welded together in record-breaking bliss without the roller-coaster ride (or crash) caused by mega-doses of caffeine.* The secret sauce begins with enXtra™ Alpinia galanga extract plus phosphatidylcholine, ionic-bonded di-caffeine malate, Guarana, Yerba mate, Predator Cre-99 (Ultra-pure creatine), phosphates, taurine, electrolytes, beta-alanine, instantized BCAAs, and doesn’t end there.

Real pumps = real gains. Predator® Pre-Workout doesn’t swell you up with water, creating the sensation of a pump (“fake pumps”) that don’t lead to real gains. Instead, it stomps out the causes of neural and muscular fatigue as soon as they rear their ugly heads so you can punch out reps like a piston and keep your muscles under tension longer--This is the key for real, skin-bursting pumps that lead to permanent gains in lean muscle size.

Tell me more!

It’s like a 3-hour motivational seminar for your mind and muscles.* Caffeine can be a potent invigorator, but it’s notorious for peaking quickly and then crashing downhill, especially when used in the “mega-doses” (several hundred milligrams) found in some products. This can turn your workout into a roller-coaster ride. That’s why we added enXtra™ Alpinia galanga. This clinically tested herb native to southeast Asia streamlines caffeine’s nootropic peaks and valleys so you can fly through the gym breaking personal bests for a full 3 hours without losing altitude.*

But don’t be confused. Predator® Pre-Workout isn’t a glorified energy drink. It’s made for muscular bodies in motion. If you’re sitting down, it will make you stand up. If you’re standing up, it will make you want to lift.*

Real pumps = real gains. You’re not easily fooled. You know that real pumps are built in the gym. When you lift heavy but keep your rest between sets brief, your muscles balloon up with blood. Repeated over time, this leads to superior gains in lean muscle size. Some pre-workout products contain ingredients that make you feel pumped, but they’re really just swelling you up with water. It’s a fake pump that doesn’t lead anywhere.

Predator® Pre-Workout leads to real gains.* Its secret sauce of ingredients, including beta-alanine, Predator Cre-99 (a specific particle size of creatine monohydrate with >99% purity) and phosphates (for maximum creatine effectiveness). Combined, these help you stomp out the burn so you can punch out more reps and pump up your muscles bigger than ever.* Again, real pumps = real gains.

Amplify your gains with this killer stack.* To amplify your lean muscle gains and kickstart recovery, take Predator® Pre-Workout 30 minutes before you train and drink Predator® BCAAs throughout your workout.*



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