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Bounce back from bruising workouts like they never happened.*

Predator® BCAAs



Take your recuperative powers to the promised land.* Just when you thought you couldn’t recover any faster, Predator® BCAAs helps you bounce back from bruising workouts like they never happened with a 2:1:1 ratio of instantized BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine), a super-high-potency concentrate of freeze-dried Michigan-grown tart cherries, plus pH buffers to help clear away fatigue.*

We do BCAAs right. We properly instantize our BCAAs (no mechanical milling or grinding here) so they mix with water and are ready for uptake by your tired muscles lightning fast. Faster uptake = faster results.*

Who really wants caffeine in their BCAAs? Unlike so many other BCAA formulas on the market, Predator® BCAAs is 100% free of caffeine and other CNS stimulants. This means you can take it whenever you want. Do you really need any more caffeine? 
Tell me more!

There’s “instantized” and there’s instantized. If someone told you that your BCAAs were mechanically ground or milled (a.k.a. pulverized) into tiny pieces, would you think that’s good? What about if they said they were gently spray-dried with lecithin from sunflower instead? The latter is actually the proper method of instantizing amino acids, and it’s exactly how we prepare our BCAAs so they don’t get damaged. What does instantizing do? It ensures that every serving of Predator® BCAAs mixes with water and is ready for uptake by your muscles as quickly as possible. Remember, faster uptake = faster results.*

This isn’t your Grandma’s cherry pie. You may have already heard about the scientific studies showing that tart cherry can help you recover faster.* But who eats tart cherries? (Not us.) No problem. With Predator® BCAAs, it’s easy to enjoy their performance-enhancing perks every day. We use a super-high-potency concentrate prepared by freeze-drying Michigan-grown tart cherries. How potent is it? Forty-eight pounds of fresh cherries yields about 1 pound of concentrate. A little bit goes a long way.

Who really wants caffeine in their BCAAs? Other brands add caffeine (and/or other CNS stimulants) to their BCAA formulas to “hook” you with that fake-energy feeling. Predator® customers know better. They want their BCAAs 100% stimulant-free. This way, they can take them any time of day or night.

Try these muscle-building tricks of the pros. Use Predator® BCAAs to quicken your recovery and maximize lean gains by taking it intra-workout and/or post-workout.* Take it in between meals to combat catabolism and preserve muscle, especially when on a fat-loss or cutting diet.* (Lose fat without losing muscle.*) Or, turbocharge your protein shake by adding a serving of Predator® BCAAs to it. (Works best with vanilla flavor.)

Don’t settle for “bulk.” Sure, you can buy BCAAs online in bulk. But are they high-quality? And do you really feel like forking out money for a digital scale so you can weigh out the proper dose every day? Make muscle building simple with Predator® BCAAs. The quality of each lot of our instantized BCAAs is assured using 8 different tests. If they don’t pass with flying colors, they don’t go in the bottle, period.

Want even more of a muscle-building edge? Try this stack for even more dramatic results:* Take Predator® Pre-Workout 30 minutes before you train. Then drink Predator® BCAAs throughout your workout.





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