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Predator® STACK

If you truly want to be a Predator and dominate in the gym, then the PREDATOR STACK is just what the doctor ordered.  Here’s what you get with your PREDATOR STACK:



Your workouts will never be the same.  Our formula eliminates “second-half fade”; that feeling during the middle of your workout where your energy levels drop like a rock and you consider heading to the car and going home.  With PREDATOR PRE-WORKOUT you’re muscles will keep begging you to add more weight to the bar as your energy, strength and focus will be through the roof and you’ll go home with muscle pumps that last and last. 



While you’re ramped up on PREDATOR PRE-WORKOUT, you’re going to want to be sure you’re nourishing your muscles with the highest grade of branched chain aminos to extend endurance and accelerate recovery.  Look no further then PREDATOR BCAA.  With our advanced instantized BCAA formula, coupled with our cutting edge Recovery Maximizers, pH Buffers and Tart Cherry Extract, your muscles will seemingly never tire and you’ll wake up like your workout never happened.



Predator® Shred starts with the perfect combination of caffeine, synephrine, evodiamine and naringin to ramp up your metabolic rate to help you burn fat easier and faster. Add in some Teacrine® and other vital minerals to prolong and enhance the effects and keep you burning fat and energized longer. Gingko and Choline keep you focused and dialed-in even during intense dieting. Finally, the Predator® Shred Water Shed Complex will cause you to shed water like a storm drain.



Predator® Test is a powerful combination of 3 testosterone boosting compounds specifically standardized to significantly raise testosterone levels while other powerful ingredients help support the anabolic process.  Predator® Test also supports Nitric Oxide levels to dilate blood vessels for huge muscle pumps. Predator® Test also keeps unwanted hormones in check and supports liver function to so you’ll perform at your absolute best.

PREDATOR® STACK is all you need to be on your way to LEAN, SHREDDED MUSCLE and  MASSIVE STRENGTH GAINS.


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