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This is what those guys at the gym are using.

Predator® Shred



Every gym has a few guys who are shredded. They’re more than just lean; their muscles have a dry, tight look enhanced by a roadmap of veins and crisscrossing striations. They seem to pop out of their skin with the slightest movement.

You’re not much different from those shredded guys. Two things stand between you and them: Body fat and subcutaneous (a.k.a. under-the-skin) water retention. That’s it. Get a handle on the first, and you can be lean. Get a handle on the second, and you can be shredded. Predator® Shred helps you get a handle on both.*

Forget the “5-in-1,” “liquid capsule,” “muscle-preserving,” and other nonsense “fat-loss” formulas. That’s all window dressing. In contrast, Predator® Shred cuts to the chase by helping your metabolism burn body fat faster now AND over the long term (it’s no flash in the pan), while kicking subcutaneous water retention to the curb.* The result: If you’re eating clean and training hard, you’ll get more shredded by the day.*

Tell me more!

It’s like putting your metabolism on a treadmill for the whole day.* Fat burners that only boost your metabolism for a few hours don’t cut it -literally. To get lean, you’ve got to burn fat for a sustained period of time. Thinks days or weeks. Of course, you can’t work out all day. The solution is to raise your basal metabolic rate. That’s science speak for the speed at which your metabolism runs when you’re just sitting around. And what controls that? Your thyroid. Revving it up is like putting your metabolism on a treadmill for the whole day. That’s why, unlike other products, Predator® Shred contains a key micronutrient that supports healthy thyroid function.*

You can’t eat your way to shredded. Every time you eat, your metabolism starts burning fat more slowly and store more of it -not exactly helpful if you’re trying to get lean. Predator® Shred helps counteract this effect in two ways. First, when you take it before a meal, it stimulates thermogenesis, which means you burn off more calories in the form of heat.* Second, it reduces your urge to overeat.* We know you’re pretty strict about eating clean, but every edge helps, right?

Nobody will call you “puff daddy.”* Okay, so once you’re lean, it’s time to get shredded. Even lean guys can look a bit smooth (undefined) or puffy if they don’t have a handle on subcutaneous water retention. Dirty eating, especially too much sodium, is the biggest cause. (Ever heard of “Sushi face”?) While Predator® Shred can’t work miracles, it can help reduce temporary water weight gain so you get your physique back on the path to shredded faster.*



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